Wrapping it all up: Dispatch 5

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thanks to everyone who followed the trip.  We appreciate your thoughts and encouragement.  Often the support from home is the fuel that gets you through to where you need to go (home safely).

  1. Hettie says:

    Thank you guys for letting me experience your expedition from the safety and leisure of my couch. You did an awesome job and I admire you all for your determination and dedication. In the end you made the right decision to stop and go home. You will have your photos and video dispatches to always remember this expedition. I am sure you returned home stronger mentally and emotionally and richer in experience! CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Chuck Rea says:

    Really enjoyed following your adventure…….thanks for sharing the experience! Glad you all made it down safe!
    “Ski ’till it hurts….Party ’till it feels better…..Repeat as necessary”

  3. brodyleven says:

    OK: I’m back from a country that forbids access to vimeo (CHINACHINACHINA), and these were the #1 videos I wanted to watch upon my return to the USA. The climb is incredibly admiral and the athletes obviously put forth their best efforts, which is equally admirable. Hennie’s willingness to step into a new zone with the only familiarity being his camera is so cool, as is the skiers’ acceptance to this willingness. But, more than anything, the combination of story-telling, portrayal of story-telling, and story lent itself to an amazing result. 5 of them, to be exact.. Wonderful work to all 3 professionals.

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